Body treatments

trattamento corpo

In addition to massages, we offer you the opportunity to perform in the beauty center Scrub and Mud:

TONING MUD (torba)
After scrub or mud you can also take a shower.
We can also offer you the most varied treatments for everything you need:
  • T SHOCK 31: This is a treatment to reduce,immediately,your body circumference. The treatment is given by the synergy of 31 officinal plants, selected from the center of Messegue, in a special formula of active, balanced and effective ingredients. The harmony of the active ingredients, only vegetable, are able to carry out seven important actions: DIURETIC, DRENANT, DISINFECTIVE, LIPOLITIC, THERMOGEN, ANTIOXIDANT AND TONING. The treatment takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, if you want to take the measurements you will reach the two hours where the product will be applied throughout the body (legs, trunk and arms). The bandages are prepared together with the salts and applied on the whole body. The time to keep bandages is about an hour, so that the active ingredients act in depth and remove the bandages.
  • CALCO: "THE" slimming treatment, that WE HAVE IN EXCLUSIVE IN OUR AESTHETIC CENTER. Two hours of treatment where a massage is performed with specific essential oils and the product is applied throughout the body or on localized areas where it should remain in place for about 50 minutes. Effect guaranteed and immediately visible!
  • LPG: explained in the special section in treatments.
  • ENDOSPHERE: It has been set in recent years as anticellulite treatment to eliminate fat accumulations. Perfect for tissue relaxation, post-liposuction sequences, aging prevention, scarring, locating adiposity, pre and post liposuction and botox treatment. NO PROBLEM WITH CAPILLARS, as a very delicate treatment. The results? Cleanses and tonic muscles and tissues, fights cellulite, removes skin in orange peel, improves lymphatic and venous circulation by carrying out a lymphatic drainage throughout the body.
  • RADIOFREQUENCY: as for LPG, explained in the appropriate section
  • PRESSOTERAPY: it is a treatment that improves the performance of the circulatory system and lymphatic system. Reduces water retention from lymphedema and stimulates the elimination of toxic substances from the body as well as fighting the blemishes of cellulite. Pressotherapy concept is the application of a pressure in the area to be treated; To exert this pressure are bearings that emit air jets. 

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