Face treatments A.N.D. and more

trattamenti viso, ossigeno, micro dermoabrasione, radiofrequenza e lpg
One of the tops of our center is the face treatments with "A NATURAL DIFFERENCE", an American company that uses ingredients totally natural and easily recognizable by the immune system of our skin. "A Natural Difference" is a niche market product not highly publicized but with a high performance that will transform your skin and you can no longer separate. If you want to have information about, here is the link A.N.D. http://www.anaturaldifference.com

We have pumpkin, vitamin C, enzymatic, cranberry and discoloration treatments.

For people that doens't want to use American treatments, we have a wide range of other face treatments. We can offer a CLASSIC FACE CLEANING, without specific products, or use GLYCOLIC / MANDELIC or SALICYLIC acid treatments and, for the most innovative clients, we offer new advanced treatments:

  • OXYGEN: Oxygen treatment, rejuvenating and firming, ideal for cities full of smog like Milan, to allow to breathe the skin. It gives elasticity, compactness and brightness. (Used by singer Madonna).
  • MICRO DERMOABRASION: Exfoliating action to remodel the surface of the skin. It allows the removal of dead cells and stimulation of cell replacement.
  • ELECTROPORATION: Through the emission of electrical pulses it helps to open channels in the dermis to carry in depth any type of substance applied, chosen on the basis of the inesthetism to be treated.
  • RADIOFREQUENCY: Explained in the specific section in treatments.
  • LPG: Explained in the specific section in treatments.
  • SEMIPERMANENT MAKEUP: eyebrows, eye contours and lip contour.

We also do the  Eyelashes and Eyebrows DYEING, EXTENSION and APPLICATION for EYELASHES to thicken.