A Natural Difference

"A Natural Difference" is an American company specializing in natural corrective cosmetics.

"A Natural Difference" Labs have been oriented to use cosmetic products with natural ingredients that are easily recognizable by our immune system since 1989.
All "A Natural Difference" products DO NOT CONTENT petroleum jelly, paraffin, mineral oils, lanolin, isopropyl alcohol derivatives, synthetic perfumes or dyes!
The company grants the use of its methodologies exclusively to high-level specialist institutes in skin care.

Which ingredients do they use??

"A Natural Difference" is a leader in cosmetics innovation: their biologists and the team have introduced innovative ingredients many years before the competitor. These ingredients are not trivial moisturizing formulas masked with patented names; They are substances that have a real value on the skin, scientifically demonstrable.
A clear example of what we just said is the Epidermal Growth Factor E.G.F. (Epidermal Growth Factor) that AND introduced on the cosmetics market in 1989.
All formula ingredients are chosen at the highest purity level available on the market. High-activity natural substances are included in A.N.D. In such high concentrations as to give a certain and intense color to the different creams (no use of any dye as often used by other manufacturers).


   A Natural Difference® products are not tested on animals.



Saponetta Sensitive AND
Siero viso E.G.F.
Siero anti radical cocktail
crema viso E.G.F.