OSMODE is the natural method of magnesium sulphate; studied, documented and guaranteed. It has no contraindications.
Already from the first treatment you will notice the change in skin smoothness and after only 5 treatments you will not believe your eyes !!
OSMODE IS THE ONLY METHOD IN ITALY that shapes the body in a COMPLETELY NATURAL way through the purification of the subcutis, without surgical interventions or through aggressive products.
The method has been tested and re-tested on more than 500 people, both men and women, that need of remodeling where not even the most strict diet and the tight movement can come, that is in those fatty districts where the mass has been sedimented for a long time and has compromised normal skin metabolism.
Results can not be obtained if the tissue has not been mineralized, hydrated and oxygenated before.
This is why previously you had been reported 5 treatments to see the results concretely, because you have to proceed step by step.
  •  The first step consists precisely in MINERALIZATION: the body is made more permeable and the skin more hydrated favoring the electrical exchanges between the epithelial tissue and the connective tissue. We smooth and thin the stratum corneum of exfoliation to ensure that the applied actives have greater absorption.
  •  The second step is PURIFICATION: we treat the connecting layer, move the subcutaneous waste, mobilize the micro and macronodules and the cold areas, stimulate the microcirculation and capillarization of the tissue.
  •  The third step is DRAINAGE: we drain waste, toxins, catabolites and extracellular fluids towards the body's discharge with stimulations to the main lymph node stations. Then we treated what we have moved in the previous phase of the purification through the salty and illite winding (draining and anti-inflammatory clay).
  • The fourth and last step consists precisely in MODELING (COMBO TREATMENTS): after we have purified and deflated the body, we take care of the most external and visible part of the body, modeling precisely the tissue with an equipment suitable for the body together with an OSMODE treatment based on the inestetism that the body presents (for example an atonic and spongy tissue will be treated differently than a very swollen and water-retained tissue or a very fibrous tissue).
Now you just have to come and try it... Don't you think??
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